January 31, 2020

Summary for Jan

The First Month of 2020 is about to pass and i want to make a brief summary of this month.The things are getting better and plans are carried out step by step on the whole.It is barely satisfactory that this month i have watched 8 movies,make one video and read tow books.However,the progress in learning Japanese has slackened recently.The first 10 days of next month are holidays,I must catch up because it will be gone once relaxed.

The  good news is that we get back together after so many hard days.We have turned it to be a secret love because we know that either us or her parents need time to develop or accept our relationship.A watched pot never boils.I have a faith that as long as we are of one mind,we can finlly get out of these troubles,So it doesn't matter even if it demands the whole year.